After the initial challenging moments, joy returns to its natural place amongst the locals. There’s a strong belief in new goals and the hope of overcoming them, even if you have to rely on magic to make that dream happen. And everybody is welcome to enjoy this magic: like this Spanish young lady vacationing on the island.

José and Inês are living proof of the power that unity can bring. At 84 and 81 years old, they continuously overcome together all the obstacles life throws their way.

José still takes gentle care of his land and works the wood at his workshop. Inês is an artisan and one of the few who still knows the secrets of the making of traditional wool caps. They are the inspiration, for both the continuity and togetherness, we celebrate. They hold the power of making us believe there is always something wonderful in the stories we live, even when there are no happy endings… It just means you’re not there yet.

Nothing is achieved without effort.

It’s six o’clock in the morning and Sérgio is already walking in the dark and fog-covered pastures of Corvo cliffs. Tirelessly, every day, he repeats gestures and paths known to none other than himself.

Fulfilling the milestones his work demands, Sérgio is committed to what makes him travel the dawn; a goal that - he knows - will be fulfilled. Maybe not right now, but the important thing is to keep moving forward because nothing worthwhile can be achieved without an endeavour.