Sagres Somos Bela Nação (film1 / film2 / video winners)

As part of the 360º campaign "Somos selecção" (we are national football team), we decided to give a challenge to all portuguese women:
to show to the rest of Europe, that Portugal has the best looking and supportive female fans of the Euro 2012.
We developed a Facebook app "Somos Bela Nação" (we are beautiful nation) where each candidate had to upload 3 photos that somehow portrayed her support and enthusiasm to our football national team.
For a month, the Sagres Facebook Page fans, could vote online in their favourite female fan, and afterwords the 50 more voted girls where at the short-list from where a panel of Sagres juries chose the 8 winners.
And why 8? Because with 8 letters, we can write the word PORTUGAL at every stadium of the Euro 2012, and yell in support of our country for the whole world to hear!