The new Coca-Cola campaign shows the world seen in a different way. In a positive way. What about the internet? Can it too be seen in a different way? Answering this premise, Coca-Cola decided to show the internet has you have never seen it, crafting a site… in tricot!

For this, we recruited the best suited people for the task: two knitters that took on our challenge and started knitting. Guided by the agency they knitted all the website, including buttons, form fields and pop up messages. It took over 60 wool hanks, the equivalent to 10 kilometers of pure virgin wool to knit the whole site, in a total of 250 hours of work. The result was a 4 meter long panel with dozens of buttons that were taken to the studio, photographed and assembled by our programmers’ team that, for the very first time, switched keyboards for needles and pixels for stiches. And what is the purpose of this website? To create a huge 42 meter long canvas with the help of every Coca-Cola fan.

CCP (ADC*E European member) - 1 bronze
Prémios Lusos (International Portuguese Spoken Awards) - gold
Prémios Sapo (Portuguese Internet Awards) - 2 gold
Meios e Publicidade (Portuguese Marketing Awards) - 1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze